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 Goji cream 50gm Tubes For Skin Rejuvenating Cream. images

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Goji cream 50gm Tubes For Skin Rejuvenating Cream.

SKU: SH_M0375

About the product product is suitable for all skin types, prevents dryness and effectively pulls the face oval all the necessary components, vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed into the skin, so that tissues receive adequate nutrition content of active substances in the tens of times greater than their presence in other brands of anti-aging creams, gives reason to believe, as far as quality rejuvenates even the deepest areas of the skin, evens out the complexion ....Help Line no. : + 91 9041180923 if you buy this cosmetic product, you have to read the direction for use and try to follow it. Besides, there are some recommendations on using this cream, which are common to any other facial cream. Using Goji Cream in a regular basis will help you to: Protect the skin against photo-ageing and; Smooth wrinkles and lift facial contours external environment aggression; Make skin smooth and firm. Process of applying antioxidant cream does not take much time, it can be done at home, it does not require the intervention of professional beauticians and makeup artists. The cream should be applied to cleansed face and décolleté. To do this it is best to steam skin pores free from dirt scrub. This is followed by soft circular motions to rub a small layer of cream into the skin of the neck and face. To maximize the effectiveness of Goji Cream, please follow these 3 step: Remove all make-up and clean your face, using facial cleanser or lotion; Apply a little cream on facial skin, massage toward the line, prevent the cream from getting to eyes and lips; Enjoy your firmer skin immediately after applying the cream. Since you can not scrub frequently use, you can make cleaning a special tonic to the choice of which to approach too neatly. Since the application of the cream will be active and protect the skin from external influence during 24 hours. At the end of this time, repeat the same procedure. For any woman facial becomes as soon as she saw the first result.


Product details

Category: Daily Nutritional Supplement

Brand: Shivalik Herbals

Product code (SKU): SH_M0375



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