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 Quick Slim Honey 200 Gram for Body fitness images


Quick Slim Honey 200 Gram for Body fitness

: SH_M022

Quick Slim Honey

Honey and weight loss are often associated. Honey, a natural sweetener contains 22 amino acids and a variety of minerals essential for our meta bolism and hence is helpful in preventing obesity.

Quick slim honey is delicious Ayurvedic weight loss formula containing Honey processed in the extracts of various herbs. The various ancient Ayurvedic books revealed that drinking honey together with these herbs, first thing in the morning is an effective anti cellulite.

  • Quick Slim Honey is an effective way to manage weight.
  • It is a natural combination of honey & herbals extracts & does not contain any Chemical or non-natural agent.
  • It helps to speed up sluggish metabolism, activates the movement of intestine, which helps to flush waste out of the body.
  • Natural product.


Suggested use:- 1-2 teaspoon full of quick slim honey glass of with luke warm water before breakfast and before dinner.


Product details

Category: Weight Loss

Manufacturer: Shivalik Herbals

Product code - SKU: SH_M022









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